Turkish Mayor Says Ancient Göbekli Tepe Temple Could Have Been Built By Aliens

Zeynel Abidin Beyazgul is the mayor of the city of Urfa (Sanliurfa) in southern Turkey. This city is mainly known for the fact that the ancient temple complex Göbekli Tepe was excavated not far from it.

It was built about 11-12 thousand years ago and is considered the oldest religious building in the world.

Göbekli Tepe consists of ring structures with a diameter of 300 meters, in the center of which there are several large processed stone slabs covered with animal images and patterns.

Zeynel Abidin Beyazgul

Archaeologists believe this temple structure was built by hunter-gatherers, but Mayor Beyazgul recently said he believes Göbekli Tepe was possibly connected to aliens. In particular, Beyazgul drew attention to an unusual sculpture that was excavated near Göbekli Tepe and is considered to belong to the same ancient complex.

The sculpture depicts a man. Some historians believe that once this sculpture stood in the center of Göbekli Tepe and may have depicted a male God or God the Father.

“The statue from Göbekli Tepe depicts something other than a person. It seems to have come from somewhere outside. It reminds me of an alien,” the mayor said.

Hurriyet newspaper reports that Beyazgül said this when he was giving a speech about the biggest tourist attraction in his municipality and wanted to highlight the fact that the 12,000-year-old temple still has many secrets to unravel.

He also drew attention to a strange pattern on the stones, similar to three “bags” standing in a row.

“Hunter-gatherer communities hunted the animals and used their fur as clothing. However, when we look at another monolith, we see three bags carved into the stone, similar in shape to those used in the modern world.

Mysterious “Bags” from Göbekli Tepe

“What was done with these bags and for what purpose they were used remains to be seen. We can also find an image of the same bag tens of thousands of miles away.”

And returning to the statue of a man, the mayor noted the presence of an incomprehensible V-shaped pattern on his chest:

“Bag” in the hand of an ancient inhabitant of America

“People of that time wore skins, but here we see V-shaped motifs on the body. If these temple builders wore skins, then who is depicted in the statue?”

Beyazgül is not the first, of course, to come up with the theory that Göbekli Tepe is too complex a building for primitive hunters who lived 12,000 years ago. Long before the pyramids and Stonehenge.

How could they process stones so well, create all these complex stone drawings, drag heavy stone blocks to the right place and so on? And for what?

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