Pentagon Confirms That An F18 Navy Pilot Films UFOs Using His Own Smartphone

Right now, there have been so many UFO disclosures that keeping up with them is difficult. Not all of these leaks make it to mainstream media, but many do, and it seems that somewhere in the past five years or so, a mainstream media article has caught the public’s attention. The New York Times ran a report on three movies of US Navy UFO encounters that were provided by the Pentagon, in which UFOs performed maneuvers that no known piece of man-made equipment is capable of, confounding our understanding of physics and aerodynamics.

In one of these sightings, the object descended quickly from 60,000 feet to a point close to sea level and then started hovering. The same technology supposedly predicted the Navy pilot’s location and could appear in other locations in what seemed to be an instantaneous transfer.

Just now, an article on “off-world autos” being found was published in The New York Times. This reminded me of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s remark from the Apollo 14 mission, “Sure, there has been destroyed ships, and bodies retrieved,” when I first came upon it.

Keep in mind that during the past 20 years, other comparable encounters have been made public through declassified documents, yet only one instance involving the Navy has garnered considerable mainstream media coverage.

The breakdown of critical electrical equipment aboard military aircraft, such as the inability to discharge their weaponry or the air radar going wild, appears to be another common aspect in this event. You may read about an Iranian instance that serves as a good example of this here.

What transpired, then?

The “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” (or UAPTF) of the US Department of Defense has been busy in recent years briefing lawmakers, stakeholders in the Intelligence Community, and the highest levels of the US military on encounters with mysterious airborne objects that defy conventional explanations.

I became aware of it when Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence, tweeted about a potential leak. It came in the form of several videos and photos that Navy soldiers had taken. You may locate the video footage in this page if you wish to see it. His F18 pilot used an iPhone to capture the photos below.

In a recent article by The Debrief,

The Department of Defense’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is now looking into incidents in which US Navy troops captured many leaked photos and a video of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP (UAPTF). A Pentagon spokesman, Susan Gough, told the Debrief through email.

The recordings’ legitimacy was confirmed by Susan Gough, the creator of the renowned government document website The Black Vault, in a statement. He also had an intriguing interview with James Woolsey, a former director of the CIA.

Here are a few pictures taken by the weapons system officer in the back seat of an F/A-18 fighter plane.

Investigative reporter George Knapp of KLAS Las Vegas released the first image, now known as the “Acorn,” along with two more recently stolen images showing strange flying objects on April 6, 2021. The other two images, which Knapp nicknamed “the metallic blimp” and “spherical,” were reportedly taken less than an hour apart on the same day. The other object in the second picture seems translucent and spherical.

In the first frame of the cover image, you can catch a close-up of that specific item (above).

The image below was taken on August 27, 1956, by two Royal Canadian Air Force pilots flying above Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada. (The Sturrock Panel Report, “Physical Evidence Associated With UFO Reports” – Electromagnetic Effects).

Four F86 Sabre jet aircraft were being flown in formation by the pilots. The sighting was described as “a brilliant light that was firmly characterized as disk-shaped,” similar to “a shining silver dollar sitting horizontally,” by one of the pilots. The object was captured on camera by another pilot, as can be seen below.

Then there are visuals that, while still up to interpretation, can aid in further enlarging the mind. Norman Bergrun, a scientist and engineer who took part in NASA’s Voyager mission, provided the photograph below. He worked at NASA’s Ames Research Center for many years. He also had a job with Lockheed Martin, where he oversaw the testing of the Polaris missile. The photo was shot in 1980 during the Voyager mission. The objective of that expedition was to take pictures of Saturn, its rings, and its moons.

What does the image depict? From Bergrun’s book “The Ringmakers of Saturn,” it is a “luminous source.” Bergrun claims that there are several enormous boats “proliferating” close to Saturn and its moons. His book covers a lot more ground. He thinks that extraterrestrial vehicles, even of this size, are a given.

Why is it crucial?

Once more, recordings and photos that have been kept secret within the black budget domain seem to be a reality. This raises the question of what kinds of recordings and images are being withheld from the general public. An explanation of a research on the UFO phenomenon carried out by Chinese and Russian scientists more than ten years ago may be found in a document obtained through the CIA’s electronic reading room. It states,

Scientists from the Soviet Far East and the People’s Republic of China have started working together to investigate UFOs. In the little seaside town of Dalnegorsk, the first convention of ufologists from both countries has come to a close. In addition to setting up direct sharing of video and photographic evidence on new analogous events, the Soviet and Chinese anomalous phenomena specialists have developed a program for evaluating previously documented cases.

From official sources, I don’t think the general public will ever learn the specifics of what has been discovered about these things; instead, we’ll only receive a “sanitized” sort of “disclosure” that may or may not correctly describe the occurrences. Our impressions of important topics and events have long been distorted by the government and the media.

Many UFO disclosure specialists are concerned because the idea of a “threat” has become a recurring theme in public discussions, despite the fact that the behavior of these objects does not suggest any kind of danger. To avoid our jets, they have always employed evasive maneuvers. General Nathan Twining in the 1940s, Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer in 2008, and most recently Richard F. Haines, a prominent NASA research scientist for over two decades, have all emphasized this.

The aforementioned Task Force claims:

The Department of Defense established the UAPTF to better comprehend and gain insight into the nature and sources of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). The task force’s goal is to find, examine, and classify UAPs that might be a threat to US national security.

This issue is addressed in another recent statement made by renowned UFO researcher Dr. Jacques Vallée, a scientist, mathematician, and astrophysicist.

This new task force’s main goal is to get us to stop seeing UFO intrusions as a threat. Even though I respect the task force, my coworkers and I want to work with them to the extent that we can provide expertise or resources to their efforts. But there’s more; this isn’t a direct threat, and it shouldn’t be viewed as one either. With the phenomenon we’re witnessing, they might easily blow up those F18s. That’s obviously not the case, and it’s a stupid idea to classify anything as a threat just because it’s unknown.

Why should UFOs vary from other objects? Why should UFOs be any different from other topics where the mainstream media and government have a history of influencing public opinion? You may read more about the argument here and here.

The Final Verdict.

This essay’s major takeaway is that we shouldn’t rely solely on governments, the mainstream media, and intelligence agencies to provide us with information about the UFO phenomenon. Everything is affected by this. Public perception has long been “managed” by mainstream media, which effectively tells us when and when not to look into specific cultural topics. Take the UFO phenomena as an example. It was ridiculed six years ago, but following discussion in society at large, it gained acceptance. Why?

Nowadays, the majority of us just watch television for information instead of doing our own research, making us extremely susceptible to perception-altering tactics on any given topic.

I can promise you that this phenomena, which I have been studying for more than 15 years, is widespread and, as I have mentioned in practically all of my articles on the subject, has important ramifications that have an impact on every aspect of life. I can tell you that there is very strong evidence, based on my research, that these objects do not originate from any human being on planet Earth. These sightings have been recorded in a variety of forms for thousands of years, and just as there was evidence for the existence of UFOs when they were considered a “conspiracy theory,”

It has the ability to expand human consciousness and change how we see the universe, ourselves, and the nature of reality. This is a big paradigm-shifting problem. Lastly, I think the phenomena has the potential to be a tremendous catalyst for helping us go within, study ourselves, and question why we live the way we do and do the things we do when we have the capacity to do so much better and create a human experience where everyone can flourish.

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