We Are Looking for Alien Beings Among Us, Says an Anonymous NASA Source

For the first time, NASA admitted that they knew about the existence of UFOs and UAPs. They finally acknowledged that searching for these objects is necessary, and they’ve been doing it for a long time.

NASA chose to officially include scientists and experts from different fields involved in the program, either voluntarily or hired. While the original announcement was done anonymously, it still admits that the organization is serious about looking for alien beings here on Earth.

While NASA stood by its statement that it would not mention aliens in public, its employees are not as keen on the idea. An unnamed source claimed that NASA and the US Intelligence have been researching this subject for decades. And they are confident that alien beings are hiding within our societies.

NASA announced that they are actively looking for aliens living within our societies. They have been doing so since 1953 when the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was first established. The press release states that they want to better understand how the planet would change if there were extraterrestrial beings living around us.

The announcement received a lot of backlash with people questioning the motives of their actions. NASA is not necessarily interested in finding extraterrestrial beings but instead to understand the human experience through an extra-terrestrial lens.

NASA has been a partner in looking for extraterrestrial life since the 70s. They have been determined to find out if there was anything out there. NASA admitted that they are not just looking at planets and stars anymore and the Earth is the only place that we know of. The announcement of this news was made on Thursday, November 16th, and by Friday, November 17th – “Psychic” had gone from trending topic to trending hashtag as people took to social media in their droves to show off their psychic abilities

Since it was first announced, many people were curious and excited about the possibility of aliens living in our society.

The discovery of the ‘alien structure’ in Puerto Rico has increased the interest in extraterrestrial life. The discovery has also led to many more questions about how the aliens may be living, and what their daily lives may be like.

But, now, after NASA admitted that they were real, some people become worried about what will happen if these beings come to Earth.

NASA always have looked for different life forms on other planets in their solar system and beyond. In this study, NASA is trying to learn more about extraterrestrial life forms that could be living on Earth with humans.

While we have been looking for traces of their existence for decades, the general public did not welcome this search. Regardless, this anonymous NASA source validated our efforts. The people who study Ufology are not mistaken and have the right approach to tackling this problem.

The agencies mentioned above are looking into the idea that not only are aliens hiding in our world, but they ingrained themselves within our societies. However, this is also where these alien beings went wrong. The trickles of interactions they have with us are slowly becoming the basis for looking for them.

And when it comes to gaining certain information and unknown knowledge, the experts at NASA are certain that alien involvement is a driving force in certain discoveries.

Bill Nelson once said that it was wrong to assume that we are the only ones who intelligent beings who can survive on Earth. He claims that our planet is also suitable for other life forms, including alien beings. He also advised the pilots who follow these objects to capture them squarely in their sights.

According to another US government insider, NASA will start collecting accounts from people. They will likely start by interviewing astronauts who witnessed UFO sightings in space.

For now, only time can tell if NASA will reveal the results of its investigations. And if they do, their archive of videos and images will prove that alien beings have been living on Earth for much longer than they care to admit.

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