In England, a huge triangular UFO was captured on the doorbell camera

The prospect of extraterrestrial life has always piqued our interest. Is humankind the universe’s sole species? There have always been doubts regarding whether other sentient species from other worlds are gazing up into their night sky.

The repeated sightings of a mysterious object throughout the years only add to the mystery. A guy from Hertfordshire, England, says that his doorbell camera caught footage of a ‘triangular UFO’ passing over his home.

Last month, while watching TV with his buddy Kevin Barritt, Matt Doughty, 43, received a notice from his smart doorbell, indicating that something was outside his front door, according to

Doughty played the collected film out of curiosity or fear. As he watched the spooky picture develop, he was astounded to see an ‘unidentified flying object’ floating across the sky with three brilliant lights shining through the night.

He explained, “I looked at the tape and played it back.” “It was deafeningly quiet.” “Three lights appeared in the sky, and I thought it was strange.” “It came through the woods, over the house opposite me, and the camera shows it coming from the right to the left.” It vanishes beyond the crest of a ridge to the left of my house.”

“It was a sort of a shivering sensation — I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, that’s quite near.’ I wondered whether I’d stumbled onto something no one had ever heard of.” “When I showed Kevin the picture, he replied, ‘Jeez, it looks like a UFO.’” In the video below, you may see it for yourself.


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