Are The Abductions The Result Of Experiments By Intelligence Services?

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has been working since 2015 on the development of brain implants to improve our memory. Of course they could also be used to manipulate it, to create false memories.

This is spoken by numerous conspiracy theorists who see in these experiments – initially only for volunteers – an explanation for a phenomenon that peaked in the 1990s and which seems to be resurging today. We mean abductions.

Could alien abductions be a false memory?
The term abduction was adopted from legal language to designate the abduction of human beings by aliens. But what if it was all an illusion? Could alien abductions be a false memory? If so, would they be an experiment by some intelligence agency?

Fina Granados is a housewife who lives in Sabadell (Barcelona). At the age of 24, she witnessed a UFO sighting that changed her life. Since then, her energy and vitality have dried up as disturbing dreams began in which she saw herself lying on a stretcher and being physically manipulated.

“They gave me a serum and I was desperate. That liquid stung my veins” – she confesses. But what definitely stunned our protagonist is the appearance of her captors: “They were humans wearing white coats and, next to them, there were soldiers.”

Although you might think that Fina is unbalanced and not a unique case. The author of Bedroom Visitors, Pedro P. Canto, has come across other cases of abductees whose memories were “implanted” during hypnosis, which is generally used to reconstruct the experience.

“More and more psychiatrists and psychologists are approaching the abduction phenomenon and are discovering surprising things,” he declares.

The idea that the abductions are actually a false memory implanted with some dark purpose was already suggested by Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files series, considered by many, the prophet of the conspiracy.

He fed this argument in an episode titled Jose Chung’s From Outer Space where a teenage couple returning from a date are the protagonists of a UFO encounter and are subsequently captured by a pair of aliens.

In the end it will turn out that the abduction was done by the United States Army and not by beings from space and that they were brainwashed into thinking they were kidnapped by aliens.

The CIA carried out false memory implantation in Alaska in the 1980s
Recent declassified documents show that the CIA carried out more than 3,000 interventions in various Alaska towns in the 1980s regarding the implantation of memories of pseudo-abductions.

Secret experiment? Is it really so easy to hack our brains and create false memories?

“A memory is nothing more than a network of neurons that is very easy to manipulate,” explains Julia Shaw, author of the best-selling book The Memory Illusion.


“Every time you explain a story – she adds – you are changing the original memory”. It happens with our earliest memories. All memories prior to two and a half years of life are false since our brain is not capable of storing them.

“Therefore, they have probably been generated from childhood photos or from what our parents have told us. Many people, however, internalize them and turn them into ‘memories’”.

Something similar would happen with abductions.

Reasons Why Aliens Might Abduct Humans

“We connect the dots of things that worry us when we hear third-party experiences on TV or the radio and we internalize them as our own,” says Canto.

And he adds: “Regardless of whether they are abducted by aliens or not.”

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